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Protection of life and health

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Your reliable protection

Compensation of medical expenses

Insurance protection provides an opportunity that to receive decent medical care, comfort and confidence in the treatment process. You can get it even in conditions when the capabilities of doctors and medical institutions are limited by logistical support. You get insurance protection allowing you to calmly make plans for the future.

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Financial assist for serious illnesses

"You can not buy health, it's priceless." We remember this folk wisdom from childhood. Having the necessary means, anyone can significantly improve their health, restore it, save their lives. I offer unique opportunities for solving financial problems in the case of a serious illness that will help to maintain your habitual standard of living.

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Accident protection

It is a reliable comprehensive protection in case of unpleasant and very likely life situations. At any time, anything can happen to us. We can not always prevent this, but we are able to protect ourselves and our dear people from the negative consequences of accidents and provide decent financial support.

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Guarantee of funds in а case of losing of the breadwinner

In the book of my colleague from Slovakia, I read the phrase that objectively shows the essence of life insurance in case of death: "If the wives knew what the widows know ...". In fact many people do not try to discuss the topic of death because they have internal fears, carelessness or for other reasons. But this is a very important question!

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Capital for the child «Learning and Starting in adulthood»

Children are our future! So we think every time, looking at your child. We always try to give them all the best from an early age. Time flies quickly and children grow up, there comes a moment when you need to think about how to provide them with a decent education. In the future it will get a voucher for an independent and secure life. A well-timed right financial decision will ensure the future of your children today.

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Cash to important events

We live and build plans, strive for better well-being and always highlight significant and important events for us. We keep apartments, cars, improve living conditions, teach children, plan a wedding or travel. Sometimes, immediately allocate funds from the family budget for the planned event is not possible. Some make out loans and, as a rule, the joy of buying is overshadowed by thoughts about the return of debt. How to get rid of the "headache"? The contract of accumulative insurance will be very handy. Such a policy makes it possible to accumulate funds more "painlessly" and easily fit everyone's financial plans.

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Pension provision

This is a guaranteed opportunity to decide financial issues about the accumulation of funds for the future and the provision of insurance protection for your marrieds today. You have to remember that time passes very quickly, it is very difficult to live on an average state pension, to expect help from the side is very risky and shifting your burden to the shoulders of children is irresponsible. It's time to think about the future! The company "MetLife" offers you an alternative solution for non-government pension provision.

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Protection of life and health non-residents of Ukraine

Non-residents are foreign citizens, stateless persons and citizens of Ukraine who permanently reside abroad and temporarily reside on the territory of Ukraine. In Ukrainian companies when employing non-residents a contract is signed with minimal conditions of protection in case of unforeseen situations. I can assure you that these contracts have scanty amounts of compensation.

Many years of experience allowed to create insurance products for you and the Employers which fully comply with the requirements, regardless of whether it is small or medium business, large Ukrainian or international companies.

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