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Protection of life and health

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Compensation of medical expenses

Comfortable health care for everyone

As we know, state programs are active in Ukraine. Partially covers the expenses of patients for examination by a doctor, tests, treatment and others. But, due to the war and difficult conditions, all social initiatives are delayed. In many cases, patients are forced to buy medicines and other necessary things on their own! An insurance policy will come in handy here. Which makes it possible to receive a payment after the discharge, by submitting documents about the event to the Insurance Company. Of course, situations are different. At the same time, according to the insurance policy, the payment of funds will partially or fully reimburse the expenses.

Complete medical protection for yourself and the child

As we know, free medicine in Ukraine for citizens exists only on paper, and to be more precise, the "right" to it is prescribed in the Constitution. In a situation where a person has fallen ill or has an accident and hospitalization has been performed, surgical intervention, or, simply, the delivery of tests - everywhere you need to buy medicines and other necessary things yourself! The policy of insurance of risks gives an opportunity after discharge, having provided documents on the incident in the Insurance Company, to receive payment and to reimburse its expenses.

Let us give an example. A 36-year-old woman who stepped unsuccessfully on the stairs, as a result, received a fracture of the third toe of the foot of her left leg. I went to the emergency room the next day. Expenditure: taxi, payment for X-ray film, payment for plaster material and doctor's services cost the patient 400 UAH.
In the Company, after making the necessary calculations based on the terms of the insurance contract programs, a payment of UAH 4,000 was made. How do you like the difference?! Of course, there are different situations ..., but having such an insurance program is an opportunity to provide yourself with the maximum necessary with a minimum of costs!

Financial protection in case of serious illness

The words "cancer", "heart attack", "stroke", "diabetes", "paralysis" cause fear in people, the brain refuses to accept such information.
What shall I do? Where to run? Which clinic to choose? And the tolling of the patient and his relatives in cities and hospitals begins.
For adults, the colors of life fade, apathy towards everything sets in. Children, despite everything, try to enjoy life. Trying to fight and defeat the disease!
Financial support is an important condition for successful treatment and recovery, because in order to defeat the disease, the treatment must be timely and effective.
The company has developed special insurance programs:
1/7/20/32 critical illnesses or conditions. This is a unique insurance product with the ability to help financially, save or extend the days, months and years of life of the most precious people.

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