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Protection of life and health

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Reviews "MetLife"

The appreciation and appreciation of the clients give me confidence in the benefits of the work done. With the help of insurance contracts, the foundation of the welfare of Ukrainians is laid.

"Oleg was recommended to me by a reliable friend. My friend used his services more than once. I decided to postpone on 2500 UAH per quarterly. This amount is close to the amount of utility payments for an apartment in the winter and we pay them continuously. As a rule, the less money is available, the more productive you start earning money!"


"I did not treat insurance. I know that there is something for cars. When the chief gave money and said to pay for himself a life insurance contract, he thought: "And why is it necessary?". And somewhere in half a year has got with friends in road accident. Concussion my leg was operated on. Fell in the hospital for almost a month. He recovered his documents after recovery. Insurance listed on my card money. Somewhere over 70% blocked my expenses. I again met with Oleg and supplemented my policy with programs that are not in the contract from the boss. Now I was convinced that the insurance from MetLife really works! ".


Together with friends we organized the business company in 2011. Invested money in business in equal parts. In 2013 I met Oleg. He suggested a variant of buying life insurance contracts. We know from examples of acquaintances if one of the partners dies colleagues help the financial family of a friend. And there is no free money, i.e. they are always in circulation. The insurance contract "works" without fail — production does not stop, and the friend's family receives money from the insurance company.


" This policy protects you and the employer from significant unplanned financial losses. The employee will receive compensation from the insurance company MetLife. The insurance solution helps to increase the loyalty of employees and significantly reduces the level of changes in the composition of employees. "


When the towers of war were fleeing to Germany, I didn't even think about the policy. Not used to narrow streets and stairs, she took a step unsuccessfully. the leg was operated on. When it was possible to transfer the medical documents to Ukraine, within 2 weeks she received a payment of 105 thousand UAH. you know the prices yourself which are abroad, the payment supported the treatment. Thank the agent for the selected programs.

Svitlana, 56 years old

Protecting the health of the family

It is a protection from unforeseen circumstances that violate the usual rhythm of your life. The protection "for every day" will provide you and your family financial assistance in the event of an accident. The accident is all accidental, external, violent, suddenly, not caused intentionally by the Insured Person, events that entailed such severe bodily injury or trauma resulting in her death, temporarily or permanently, completely or partially inoperative, and in need of hospitalization.

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