Divorce in Ukrainian. What to do.


The story of life.
We met a boy and a girl. There was love. Began to live together. Born son. And after a while, the guys realized that further their paths diverged, interests and responsibilities, too ...
I will not undertake to condemn and look for the guilty, but I’m ready to suggest how to help financially families with such and similar situations.
After analyzing and reviewing statistics, he drew attention to the fact that every 5th child in the country is born out of wedlock.
After painful and long partings, some mothers sue and “beat out” alimony.
Some fathers try to evade this duty.
In 2018, the minimum amounts of alimony payments were determined:
For children up to 6 year

01.05.2018 779.50 UAH
01.12.2018 813.00UAH

For children from 6 to 18 year

01.05.2018 972,00 UAH
01.12.2018 1013,50 UAH

Mothers and fathers who together make a balanced and visionary decision about the well-being of children do differently. They draw up life-saving life insurance contracts for children.
Taking for example this life story and the size of the minimum alimony, made the calculation of the package product “Junior Capital” with the payment of funds to the child at 21 years old (the figures for the funded program are indicated):
Dad, 28,
son, 1 year
Payment annually for 12 000.00 UAH
At the end of the contract, the amount that this baby can get is 400-450 thousand UAH, and when indexing payments 700-800 thousand UAH.

Agree, this solution to the problem of allocating funds for a child saves parents from clarifying relationships, litigation and other unattractive situations.