Schoolchildren's Dream - Aim for Parents.


Parents! Attention!
The new school year begins today!
Everyone who sends schoolchildren and students this year, congratulations!
What do our universities offer in 2020?
TOP KPI, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Bohomolets University.
Cost for humanitarian specialties from 48 thousand UAH
For doctors 38 thousand UAH
For technical specialties from 42.
To the above, add housing, food, travel, entertainment = 5-8 thousand UAH per month.
What about other horizons?
In the universities of Poland, the Czech Republic, for example, the same specialties as in Ukraine will cost the family budgets 1200-3500 euros per year. Medicine and IT specializations up to 5-8 thousand euros per year.
Almost all universities provide dormitories and complex meals. This will cost students around 400-600 euros per month.
For parents of high school students who are already looking ahead for 360 days :) I brought out the approximate cost of ZNO for future students. 3-4 subjects and courses for 9 months will cost 40-60 thousand UAH.
Educational study tours lasting 3-4 days - about 250 euros. The preparation course for admission begins six months before the study period and costs an academic hour of 3-4 euros.
Do not forget about the services of the centers, registration of all registration documents for about 150-200 euros.
I will not dwell on the advantages of studying HERE and THERE. Each parent chooses the best for their child!

Important questions remain:
Where to get money for study?
At what age to start collecting?
Or is it easier to take a loan for the first year?
and then, the children themselves will be able to pay for their studies?
There is one simple answer!
Start accumulating from birth and according to your possibilities!
Among my clients there are parents of schoolchildren, students, and very young children (I am one of them).
Our family chose a financial instrument - life INSURANCE POLICY.
Budget calculations are individual.
You can start monthly from 600-1000 UAH.
The brighter the child's dream and the goal for parents is from UAH 2000-3000 per month.
Every child can save up to fulfill their dreams!