The financial responsibility of the driver to relatives and friends.


I, a driver with experience more than 20 years and a life insurance policy worth more than 2 million UAH, often hear from my wife a reminder to be neat on the road ...
Every day in the summaries of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Measures and news on TV broadcast about accidents, an accident with a fatal outcome.
Colleagues from MTIBU provided brief information about the process of appeals and receiving payments to victims, gave disappointing statistics. And also those amounts of payments that people can count on.
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The MTPL policy allows victims in the event of an accident to receive compensation from the Insurance Company for not only material damage, but also compensation for damage in case of death or loss of health.

Unfortunately, many drivers have already experienced and experienced in their lives the force of circumstances when they were found guilty of an accident.
It is hard and morally and financially for the driver's family, when the happened event becomes the "last shot" in his life. Or as a result of injuries for many years deprives him of the opportunity to be able-bodied and earn money in the family.

Having bought the MTPL policy, we received financial coverage before third parties!
Having bought the life insurance policy, we received financial coverage before our relatives and friends!

The cost of the policy of life insurance driver can be similar to the cost of MTPL policy.

All easy ways and tranquility in any situation!