School is the "adult life" of our children


Your child is careful. And how will his peers behave in a dangerous situation?
It is important to foresee the unexpected. Help health insurance policy !
Kids are most active during breaks!
Do they play, run, jump, and suddenly something happens?
Teachers can't predict everything, much less an event that has already happened!
Parents are responsible for children's lives!
Вuy aninsurance policy for your child!
It's your peace of mind and your family's financial security!
Example of calculations for the following policies (total coverage) with insurance cover in case of injuries, the process of restoring health, diagnosing critical diseases:
205 UAH per month
Child protection 800 000 UAH.
245 UAH per month
Child protection 920 000 UAH.
I took the minimum payments as an example.
It is possible to increase the protection of the programs up to 3 million UAH.
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